One Life Nappies
One life nappies are a two piece nappy system designed to fit the baby from birth to potty training. UPDATE: One Life brand is no longer trading however these nappies are still for sale in some outlets and the price generally reflects this
I bought these for my second son as I\'d seen other reviews that said they were good. I purchased the birth to potty pack which saved about 50% of the cost of using disposables.
They have been very good with leakage comparable to the Bambino Mio nappies used for my first son.
They are a lot easier to use than the Bambino Mio as there was no folding of the inner nappy.
Like any cotton nappy they tend to hold liquid next to the babys skin and my 8 month old developed a nappy rash however this persisted when we switched to disposables so may not be as a result of the One Life Nappies.
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