Leapfrog Leapster 2
Available in Green and Pink
Winner of Practical Preschool Gold Award 2008 and RightStart Silver Award 2008. Children learn school skills from the animated games, interactive touch screen and stylus.
Introduces children to maths, language, reading and basic science
My boy loves this. It is an educational toy but introduces it all in a fun way so he doesn't even realise he's learning things.
I bought it for him when he was 3 despite it saying for ages 4 to 8 and he had no problems using it. As he's got older he has become more proficient at setting up the games etc and now gets it out and plays with it on his own.
Works using a cartridge system for the games and these tend to be a bit pricey however we have built up his games over time by finding special offers (usually you can find the games being sold at 50% of actual price) UPDATE: Second son loves it too and even though the eldest has grown out of it now he still plays with it from time to time.
Costly at full price - try to get it at under £40 - hence only good rating for value for money.
Graphics are a bit basic but despite this our son loves it as much as the Nintendo DS and with this one he's learning stuff whilst playing.
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