What's it like, being a dad?

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Pretty amazing really.

When I was younger, and some would say less wise than I am now, I had the opinion that children were a pain in the a**. What affect would having a child have on my life. I was terrified of the very thought. My friends that already had children and some of my relatives insisted that "it's different if they're your own". I didn't believe them.

How could it possibly be different?

They will still have various obnoxious substances coming out of them from different ends.

They will still make a racket and disturb my peace and quiet.

They will still destroy my house and possessions.

So how could it possibly be different?

Well, this is the bit were I eat humble pie. It is different. Don't get me wrong I still think kids are a pain in the a** and they do all of the above things but it is different. My life has completely changed - I love my boys more than life itself and the irritating little things are easily dealt with and far surpassed by the joy that my sons bring into my life. Now I am not being soft, I love them lots but it's more than that. It's like getting a second child hood. You get to play with toys again. You get to play tricks on your kids and show them how to play tricks on other people. You get to roughhouse with them. You get to pass on your knowledge and teach them things which makes you feel clever without the need to be particularly bright (you only need to know more than they do).

special_daddyMaybe this feeling will wear off as they get older and head on through the teenager years where they end up like Harry Enfield's vision of a 13 year old, "I hate you dad". Maybe they will never go through that stage. Who knows what the future will bring for me and my kids, only time will tell, but I think on the whole I'm gonna pretty much enjoy it.


Let me know your thoughts on being a dad whether it's for the first time or not. How has it affected your life?

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