Second Class Citizen

Written by Gary. Posted in General

This is something I think all prospective father's should be made aware of. When the baby is born you will be treated like a second class citizen. The baby and mother gets all of the attention. Quite rightly so but I think we men should be made aware that this is going to happen as it's quite easy to feel left out.

A point to illustrate this was when my family complete with new arrival flew out to Spain to visit the inlaws not long after my sons birth. We were picked up at the airport by the mother-in-law and driven back to their house. When we arrived, the rest of the family crowded around the car to welcome the new baby, then quickly whisked him off into the house leaving me to carry the two suitcases, two hand luggage and the pram into the house without even a bye your leave. Not even my father in law gave me a hand as he was too involved in the new arrival.

So you see I was completely ignored and even though I wanted to share in their enjoyment of meeting my new son it was not to be.

After time you get used to just being there for when you are needed and indeed it has it's plus points. You start to be fun daddy and generally interact with your baby for the fun bits.

Now please bear in mind that my experiences have led me to these conclusions. Perhaps you have a different tale to tell. Did you feel left out a bit or did you not mind taking a back seat?

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