Oh my god she wants another

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kidsIt was about 2 years after the birth of my first son, just as I'd settled into a good routine, that my wife brought up the subject of more kids. My defence of "but you said never again just after kj was born" fell on deaf ears and so we started discussing the practicalities.

A lot of thoughts crowded into my head when she let me know that she had always wanted two boys. Foremost was "what effect would it have on our finances?", closely followed by "how would we cope in such a small house?" and "oh no a few more years of sacrifices".

It does have a big effect on your finances and I went through all of the potential scenarios. If it was a girl it would mean all new clothes, complications with room decor, potentially having to move to a house with 3 bedrooms. If it was another boy it would have a lesser impact on us due to hand-me-downs, bunk beds and no decorating. It was at this point my wife said "if you think about it too much no one would ever have kids and everyone else seems to manage". I think she is right. You cut your cloth accordingly.

Imagine my relief, however, when we saw the scan and my new little lads willy quite clearly visable. I mean I didn't mind whether it was a boy or girl but my wallet was very pleased to see another boy was being added to the family.

My wife has had her wish fulfilled and I must admit despite the extra pressure on our budget I don't regret it one bit.


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