A Father's Perspective

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walkingIn my opinion the part that a father plays in the upbringing of a child is changing all the time. Different fathers have different perspectives of the whole thing. There are some fathers who are vaguely aware of some short people living in the same house as him and then there are those who have become "house husbands" whose every waking hour is devoted to the care of the child.

Society has changed and it is no longer taken for granted that the man goes out to work and earns the money and the women stays at home to look after the children. More and more men are taking an active role and are either changing the hours they work or going part time in order to care for the kids. Indeed often in this current time of the "credit crunch" parents work complementary hours so that they can share looking after the kids whilst also both earning money.

We dads don't get to talk about our feelings regarding parenthood as it's not generally considered manly. Subjects like sport, cars, work and women tend to be mainly on the agenda when you're down the pub but I believe we are starting to talk about our families more. The simple fact that womens pregnancy/child birth/child care websites have a small section put aside for men does indicate that more men are showing an interest in the care of the kids.

This website is trying to capture the mans perspective however so far the perspective is mainly mine and I definately don't speak for all the men out there. If you want to put your point across then contact me via the contact page as I am looking for more writers for this website cause I think getting men to open up about this subject is going to be like getting the missus to admit that she really does need a dress size bigger than the one she is trying to shoe horn herself into.

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