Why I wish I was a morning person

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I'm not a morning person. I hate getting up in the morning and if left to my own devices could quite easily sleep in until 11am. My wife isn't a morning person either, whilst not quite as bad as me she still likes her lie ins.

This has given us a massive problem over the last 4 years. No body told me kids like to get up really early. I thought it was just Christmas day they got up at 6 to open their presents from Father Christmas. Oh no, they time it just right to cause as much disruption to my sleep as they possibly can.


First it was the crying during the night and attention they need when they are a baby. Coped with that easier than the wife because she was breast feeding and it used to take a nucleur bomb dropped outside the house to wake me. My eldest soon grew out of this phase and was sleeping through the night - hooray.

Stage 2

Next came the occasional waking up during the night with bad dreams stage. Suddenly I find out I have developed into a lighter sleeper than the wife or else she is ignoring it and pretending to be asleep.

Then we had another child and it was back to stage one again with a few bad nights for the eldest son thrown in for good measure.

Stage 3

Next came the getting out of bed to go to the toilet stage or the occasional (even worse) wetting the bed because he was too tired stage.

Coped with all of that with not too many problems and the eldest now manages to go to the toilet during the night with no real problems.

Stage 4

Next comes the 5.30am "dad i've just had a wee can I get into bed with you and mummy" stage. On persuading him that he should just go back to bed for another hour I soon find out that as he doesn't really know how to tell the time very well he's usually back 10 minutes later to ask the same question. Inevitably I say yes so that I can get some more sleep. Through all of this the missus appears to be asleep but I have a sneaky suspicion she's pretending. Now I know why she insists on sleeping furthest from the door. I am always the first call when my eldest "just wants to tell me about his dream" at 6am in the morning.

I am now praying that this is the last stage they go through before returning to a reasonable sleep pattern (by reasonable I mean one that involves waking at 7am at the earliest).

I realise that I still have to go through stage 2,3 and 4 with the youngest but this should be over in about another 2 years.

Latest news: my youngest has started sleeping in on the mornings - every day except the weekends - kids, don't ya just love em

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