Just a quick note to say thank you to the hackers that attacked my site. Your intervention had two brilliant results, firstly you alerted me to the fact that my server had been hacked and was being used to send spam to the USA and the UK, secondly it galvanized me into updating my website.
Now an apology to the people who used my site - I neglected the site and for that I am sorry. I am updating this site in my free time, and have had very little of that, so have found it hard to keep it up to date with new voucher codes etc - the site was started as I thought it would help new fathers and having been one I knew how hard it can be - I will try harder.
Oh and by the way, hackers - get a life, maybe go out and meet a woman and then in time maybe you'll have kids and experience the joy in your life that I've experienced.

The Forum

Unfortunately the forum was lost as a result of the recent hack attempts so all previous posts have been lost.

Please accept my apologies.