Just a quick note to say thank you to the hackers that attacked my site. Your intervention had two brilliant results, firstly you alerted me to the fact that my server had been hacked and was being used to send spam to the USA and the UK, secondly it galvanized me into updating my website.
Now an apology to the people who used my site - I neglected the site and for that I am sorry. I am updating this site in my free time, and have had very little of that, so have found it hard to keep it up to date with new voucher codes etc - the site was started as I thought it would help new fathers and having been one I knew how hard it can be - I will try harder.
Oh and by the way, hackers - get a life, maybe go out and meet a woman and then in time maybe you'll have kids and experience the joy in your life that I've experienced.

What's this website all about

Written by Gary.

This website has been specifically started for new dads (4newdads). It has been designed as a place for new fathers to talk, save money on baby products, share information and discuss what affect the new addition to the family will have.

Anybody can use this site, so even if your son or daughter is toddling around now or you have just found out you are going to be a dad you can still benefit from 4 New Dads.

I created this site mainly because I felt there was a need for fathers to have a dedicated website. When my first son was born I spent a lot of time looking at websites aimed at new mothers and usually these had a chat section tagged on for new fathers. When my second came along I spent even more time looking for information. He was born with a hole in his heart and I was anxious to know all about his condition.

Now, I could almost be classed as a "new man", I do share the cleaning and ironing (maybe not as much as the missus would like) but I didn't really feel comfortable posting on a website designed for mums-to-be, I mean, what would all my mates say if they found out.

Hence this site has been created, so take a look around as it's my intention that this site will grow in the future:

  • Articles written from a fathers perspective.
  • Discount vouchers, supplied by my advertisers, which can save you money on those essential purchases.
  • You can easily access various merchants to compare their products and prices in the resources section.
  • The resources section contains links to information sites to help you find solutions to everyday problems associated with raising a child
  • The reviews section has reviews of tested products and this will grow with user submitted reviews. If you want to submit a review simply register and you will be able to post your product review.

I am open to suggestions on how to improve this website so simply drop me a line via the contact us page

The Forum

Unfortunately the forum was lost as a result of the recent hack attempts so all previous posts have been lost.

Please accept my apologies.